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Nutrapet is an in house brand designed to meet the needs of your pet. Nutra Pet currently hosts stainless steel bowls, Beds, Poop Bags and Silica Gel cat litter.

Our motive to develop this brand is to help preserve the environment, with Eco-friendly products.

Nutrapet Beds: The stuffing in the beds is made out of recycled bottles, all beds are heavy duty, can be used outdoors which is water proof, weatherproof and anti slip. The sizes of the beds range from 80cms to 150 cms.

Nutrapet Poop Bags: Our bags are bio degradable, which means our plastics will decompose under land fills within 12 months, the shortest time ever! Our poop bags come in three SKUS, blister pack with a free refill and a clam shell, 4 bags refills and 8 bags refills.

Nutrapet Silica Cat Litter- our cat litters comes in three sizes, 3.8L, 7.6L and 16L, all of which are made out of biodegradable plastics.

Click on our catalog link to view our beds, and do ask us for any more information.

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