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ScoopFreeOur Story

Lucky Litter LLC develops and sells innovative pet products that allow pet lovers to spend less time on unpleasant pet care chores so they can spend more quality time with their pets. The company and its employees stand behind all of its products with guarantees and warrantees that aim to set the standard for the industry.

The ScoopFree Invention Story

Here’s how the idea for the ScoopFree was born from the inventor and CEO of Lucky Litter LLC Alan Cook:”I was stumbling to the bathroom at 4:00 AM battling a severe bout of food poisoning and walked past a litter box that had been neglected for several days. And boy, was that litter box stinky! On my way back to bed, I stopped to clean out the litter box for the first – and only – time in my life. I was thoroughly disgusted by the experience, and I started muttering, “If we can put people on the moon, you’d think this thing could clean itself!”

Moments later I typed “automatic litter box” into Google and found LitterMaid® and some other competitive products. My initial reaction was “I’m going to buy one of these”, but after reading customer reviews on Amazon.com and other websites, I formed the impression that these products were great ideas that had been poorly executed. For example, people wrote that LitterMaid was very noisy, had a tendency to clog and jam, and required frequent cleaning and maintenance. It seemed to me these products were more work and hassle than traditional litter boxes. So I started to think, ‘How could I develop an automatic, self-cleaning litter box that really worked without breaking down or causing odors and hassles?’

Little did I know that answering this question and my curiosities would consume the next four years of my life.” After the idea was conceived, Alan spent a year talking to other cat guardians and researching what was important to litter box users. The next year Alan assembled a group of MIT-trained engineers to design ScoopFree; they generated dozens of product concepts and built many litter box prototypes. Year three was spent getting feedback from potential customers and redesigning the product to make it better. The fourth year addressed even more refinements and producing ScoopFree. After four years of hard work, ScoopFree was finally available in retail stores near Chicago, IL in October 2005.



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