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Four Paws-Accessories

four paws

Four Paws Products, started in 1970, offers a full line of products for dogs, cats, reptiles and small animals. Our goal is to provide pet owners with quality products that help them enjoy a long, happy life with their pet.

Products in our line include Magic Coat® Shampoo, Wee-Wee® Pads, collars and leashes, grooming tools; dog cages and exercise pens; safety gates, tie out cables, oral hygiene products, catnip and dog toys. Four Paws also offers a full line of heating equipment and bedding material for reptile enthusiasts.

Four Paws Products continues to offer quality products without compromise.  You will not find our products in mass retail stores.  Please use our store locator to find a pet store near you.


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Value Pets Supplies Trading LLC is one of the largest wholesalers in the region, offering over 3000 types of pet products.