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Zukes-Dog and Cat Moist Treats & Biscuits




We think our products are pretty special, but what you and your pet think matters most. Our customers offer valuable product reviews, and while dogs and cats can’t talk, they’re pretty good at giving us some critical feedback of their own

It all began with one man and his dog. Now, a decade later, pets everywhere can live a healthy, happy, high-energy life thanks to Zuke’s.

The light bulb moment
Anyone who’s experienced an aha! moment can usually recollect with giddy excitement the exact date, time and place that the proverbial light bulb went off. And often, that flash in time is the inception of a great idea. For Patrick Meiering, it was 1995 during a hike in the Colorado Mountains with his typically energetic companion, Zuke. Noticing that Zuke had become exhausted, Patrick broke off a piece of his energy bar and tossed it to him. Zuke perked right up. And there it was, the moment Patrick realized that pets need healthy, all-natural treats, just as much as people do.

The Zuke’s adventure begins
From the beginning, it has been essential that Zuke’s treats are formulated with only natural ingredients providing the specific nutrients your cat or dog needs. But early on, our fledgling team realized Zuke’s was about much more than healthy treats. Instead, we consciously created a company focused on exploring and adventuring with your dog. About the love you get from your cat. And the pursuit of a healthier life that makes pets and people happier. This is what motivated us then, and what motivates us today. Zuke’s wants to keep the adventure going by giving our pets something to wag about.

Patrick and Zuke













Acommitment to caring
Come to the Zuke’s office and you’ll see dogs curled up under a workstation or bounding in our backyard creek, and we love to go home to our cats snuggled in on the couch. We’re passionate pet lovers just like you. Our pets are a great source of motivation and give us so much, so it’s only natural that we want to give them the best. That means the finest meats, premium grains, fruits, vegetables and oils available. All natural ingredients, all sourced in the USA (except our rabbit and venison which come from New Zealand), with final products made in the USA . The commitment to our products stems from the love and care we have not just for our own pets, but for dogs and cats everywhere.

As Zuke’s grows, it’s more important than ever that we remain true to our original intentions – to ensure that the passion we have for our pets shapes the products we make, the company we continue to become, and world we live in..


Zuke as a puppy

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