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Four Paws On Target Trainer 4 Piece - Wee Wee Pad Holder "22"" x 22"" x 2""

Product Description

Our Paws Wee Wee Pad On Target Trainer features a patented design to teach your puppy where to do his business. A high three-sided wall keeps puppies centered on the pad and prevents messes from puppies who haven’t quite mastered their – ahem - functions.

  • Keeps puppies centered on pad & protects floors & carpets
  • Helps speed up housetraining by providing puppies with a “go-to” place
  • Easy, convenient & efficient 4-piece construction

The Wee Wee Pad On Target Trainer’s splash guard walls can be removed when your puppy gets larger or no longer needs the extra mess protection. Easy-to-use clips will hold any standard size Wee Wee Pad securely in place.

Tray Size – 22.75″L x 22″W x 1″ H
Wall Size – 7″ High

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